Which Emoji to use on Github?

By David Lemarier on

Every commit is important. So let’s celebrate each and every commit with a corresponding emoji!


Prepend every commit message with an emoji with this form: <emoji> commit message.

For commits with multiple types of messages, use multiple lines:

<emoji> commit message
<emoji2> commit message2

Which Emoji to Use?

Commit Type Emoji Shortcode
Initial Commit 🎉 Party Popper :tada:
Version Tag 🔖 Bookmark :bookmark:
New Feature ✨ Sparkles :sparkles:
Bugfix 🐛 Bug :bug:
Metadata 📇 Card Index :card_index:
Refactoring ♻️ Black Universal Recycling Symbol :recycle:
Documentation 📚 Books :books:
Internationalization 🌐 Globe With Meridians :globe_with_meridians:
Performance 🐎 Horse :racehorse:
Cosmetic 💄 Lipstick :lipstick:
Tooling 🔧 Wrench :wrench:
Tests 🚨 Police Cars Revolving Light :rotating_light:
Deprecation 💩 Pile of Poo :shit:
Work In Progress (WIP) 🚧 Construction Sign :construction: