Nice to meet you.

Hi ! I’m David Lemarier <[email protected]>, also known as phnz. PGP Key

I’m years old. — I speak French and English.

I’m a graduate of CDE Collège and I’ve worked at Rhesus and ReallySuccessful.

2009 — I founded a company called Wasabi Technologie. I worked with many 7-figures Internet Marketers and I learned how to make money online.

2014 — With all the background acquired in the lasts years, was ready to be launched. It’s been a long road but within 3 months, more than 20 000 customers was already subscribed.

2016 — I’ve left the organization to works on new projects and to take care of my family.

2017 — Many projects are on the table right now, in different niche. I’m actually working on some e-commerce apps. — to be announced

In my free time, I work on SmartThings, the easiest way to turn your home into a smart home.

My resume is available if you want to be all, like, formal and stuff, dude.

I currently live in Victoriaville, Québec.

PGP Public Key

If you want to whisper sweet nothings in my ear, here’s my PGP key. Also, please be aware that I read encrypted email on a non-network-connected machine, so this will add a certain amount of latency to any replies to encrypted mail.

Type Hash
Fingerprint A5A5C0A25E6FB450004DE2CEB79C03F69557EC55
64-bit B79C03F69557EC55

Import my key

# curl + gpg pro tip: import phnz's keys
curl | gpg --import

# the Keybase app can push to gpg keychain, too
keybase pgp pull phnz

You can download my public key manually, or for more details, you can take a look at my profile on keybase.